Strategic Marketing & Planning

LGF undertake a rigorous process when compiling Marketing Plans. With thorough research; general, qualitative and quantitative of consumer buying behaviors, trends analysis, competitor review and brand awareness; we produce competitor analysis, target audience profiling, brand personas, environmental and trends analysis. We develop the strategic recommendations that include key messages, clarification of the customer journey and recommended marketing tactics to achieve the client’s marketing goals. Our Communications Plans traditionally build on relevant research, either provided by the client or discovered by LGF, to formulate appropriate and fitting media recommendations that will speak to the outlined target audiences. These plans also include complete channel strategy along with programmed media schedules and recommendations for ongoing activity. Campaign planning on an ongoing basis is a core part of our partnerships with the majority of LGF’s clients. Local and national campaign planning, development and management of the program is handled by our in-house team across a variety of media mediums. Creative strategy &graphic design LGF’s creative department are dedicated ensuring a client’s brand is upheld across all communication channels. With combined experience across a wide variety of industries and mediums, our team are proficient at working on conceptual ideas and taking them through to finished art and production. LGF are experienced in creating unique corporate branding and visual identities that reflect the mission and values of the organisation and will serve to represent the business for the future. We have designed and developed a range of branding projects including logo creation, corporate naming and branding, visual identity, message development and tone of voice and brand guidelines.

agency media booking services

LGF have built valuable relationships with representatives from various media houses who work alongside our team to develop relevant and cost-effective media campaigns. LGF’s dedicated Media Planner, Lauren Sayer, head’s up our clients’ media planning, negotiating and buying for our international, national and local clients across a range of media outlets. Lauren works exclusively with specialist media aggregators, Media Placement Services (MPS), to expand both our buying capabilities and our access to existing media partnerships. During the most recent 6-month media planning period for a client, LGF were able to secure valuable positioning within national print publications, television and online platforms. These included full page ads, double page advertorial spreads, editorials, product mentions, giveaways, eDMs, major sponsorships and product features in promotional videos. The total media spend was approximately a third of the total media value gained, an example of exceptional brand exposure that we were able to gain for our client.

copywriting & editing

LGF are experienced in writing copy for a range of communication mediums; print, press, website, digital, TV and radio scripts, point of sale, corporate brochures/flyers, PR, DM and eDM, and posts for social media platforms. We also have a number of partnerships with experienced specialist writers from various industries and unique styles that we are able to call on for unique styles as dictated by the creative strategy. Our team also offer proofing and editing services for client-supplied content. Our understanding of the client’s industry and target market allows LGF to speak to the audience effectively as well as set a tone of voice that’s in line with the brand guidelines.

digital marketing

LGF understands the importance of well planned and executed digital campaigns. This includes online components such as website design, website development, optimisation, SEO, SEM, PPC, display network and online video as well as social media, blogs and application development. LGF have experience planning, designing and developing websites and eCommerce platforms over a range of industries. Our team is able to develop and maintain sites on a number of CMS platforms including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. We also conduct website analytics, reporting and optimisation for a number of our clients. Our experience in statistics and analysis means we are able to extract deep insights on your customers from their online behaviour. This forms the basis of our ongoing testing and optimisation strategies. LGF also have extensive experience developing, implementing and optimising digital display advertising campaigns. We conduct thorough planning before implementation to ensure all advertising is highly targeted to the right customers and channels to maximise relevancy and interaction. Campaign data is continually monitored to inform any opportunities to optimise the campaign and increase efficiency and effectiveness. LGF also have experience developing campaigns for online video across YouTube, Catch Up TV and other online media channels. As with display advertising, we are able to ensure these campaigns are highly targeted and optimised. Many of our clients also rely on our expertise in creating social media strategy, implementation and ongoing maintenance across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram platforms.