Work Ethic


  • Do your research. Question everything with a furious curiosity. Think about all the possibilities.
  • Know the client, their industry and what is going on in their world so you are able to understand the context their business operates within.
  • Create a culture of questioning with yourself and those around you. Be open to having your ideas challenged, expanded on and improved.
  • Look for inspiration everywhere. The access to information is almost unlimited and there are no excuses for lazy ideas. Challenge yourself and those around you to do great work everyday by developing interesting, clever and engaging ideas.
  • Every day is a school day. Most importantly, share what you learn with your colleagues and your clients and help everyone to continue to expand their knowledge and skills.
  • Make it a career. The difference between this being a job and a career is your preparedness to continue learning. If you’re not learning you are being left behind.
  • Get interested in those around you - your industry and the area we operate within. Everyone is a representative for the business. Network, connect, share what we do and become an advocate. It’s a core part of everyones role.
  • Small improvements create big changes. Business is a process of continual improvement, so always be on the look out for ways to help achieve this. Be proactive in contributing to the Kaizen process.


  • Ideas are our greatest currency and you are here in this business primarily because of your ability to help create great fresh, interesting and engaging ideas right throughout the marketing process.
  • Be brave. Be bold. Be prepared to take risks with your ideas. It’s easy to scale back a big idea but almost impossible to turn a crappy idea into something great.
  • Build prototypes. Invent something.
  • Stretch the boundaries.
  • Be inconsistent. Be adaptable. Change is constant: Avoid the ‘we-must-do-it-this-way’ approach. Be prepared to change; the way you work, the kind of work you do, the nature of the business you work in and the environment that our clients operate in. The best way to accept and adapt to changes is to be an agent for change yourself.


  • Surround yourself with clever people. The bigger the pool of ideas and opinions, the better the pool of possible solutions. Seek out the best people worldwide for us to engage and collaborate with.
  • Ask for help and help those who are asking.
  • Contribute. Don’t bitch and moan about something unless you are prepared to contribute towards the solution. There’s a difference between positively and professionally critiquing work to make it better and criticising something. Learn the difference.
  • Test it. Ask others to critically evaluate your ideas and check your thinking throughout the process.
  • Partner with our clients. Our objective is not to create advertising and marketing programs. Our objective is to help our clients to grow their business. It’s a symbiotic relationship where each needs the other.
  • A collaboration is not a committee. We won’t always all agree on what the best direction is. There are many ways to get a result and while you may have a different view, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still do everything you can to support the people around you to help make the work as good as it can be.
  • Educate your clients. Help them to learn and understand why we do things the way we do. Give them a reason to believe. Coach, guide and educate them so they become better marketers. Teaching is leaning.


  • Make me care. Give people a reason to stop and consider what you are saying and make it memorable.
  • Make it happen. Ideas without a program to implement them effectively are just words on a page.
  • Be Response-able. Responsibility doesn’t take time off. Be ready and able to respond and take responsibility. Understand and agree on who is responsible for what and then take 100% responsibility for the part you have agreed to play.
  • Follow up - check the results. Find out why it worked or didn’t work as well as anticipated and do better next time.
  • Make everything valuable. $$$ matters.
  • Be energetic. Be prepared for a hard slog. Believe in yourself, your colleagues and the business and be passionate about what you do. Enthusiasm is infectious.